4G Business Internet Solutions

Dedicated Internet Access for your business

Your business relies on the Internet to connect with customers and suppliers; employees rely on the Internet to connect with each other; your departments rely on the Internet to share business information and resources — what happens when connectivity is lost?

At best, your business will likely suffer little disruption; however, in the event of a prolonged Wide Area Network (WAN) outage, your business could suffer a significant loss of productivity and/or revenue. Telno’s backup Internet solutions can help for maintaining your internet connections.
Speed Installation

  • Wireless Coverage
  • Internet Data
  • Lower Data Transfer Time
  • Reliable

Why LTE 4G benefits your business:

  • Increased sales and improved customer service.
  • Improvements in productivity gains and services.
  • Large file transfer, video conferencing
  • Remote access to business applications
  • Cost effective solutions compared to dedicated leased line


High Speed Internet

  • Maximum Download 10-50Mpbs
  • Maximun Upload From 5-30Mpbs
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Technical Support
  • WAN Fixed IP Address
  • Support up to 50 users


Why Choose Us?

  • We provide complete high speed solutions for your business
  • Unlimited online remote technical support
  • Provide back up Internet solutions
  • No contract
  • 7 Days Money-Back-Guaranteed!

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